Automobile Analysis with Power BI

April 9, 2024 - Business Intelligence

Introduction to the Automobile Industry:

In the Automobile industry, there are large volumes of data are handled by automotive companies from a variety of sources, including supply chain, manufacturing, sales, inventory, and consumer feedback. Many automakers are using Power BI to unlock this data’s potential and transform it into useful insight.

Automotive business intelligence solutions deliver:

Instant access to performance dashboards and reports

Sales performance across new and used vehicles, including add-ons: finance, GAP and paint protection

Detailed salesperson, technician, advisor and vehicle analysis

Advanced algorithms generating key insights

An understanding of what is causing your changes in performance

Detailed stock data, allowing you to price your stock accurately against national averages

All your data in one single location, saving you time every day vs collating multiple data sources

Power Bi in Automobile Industry:

  • Sale reports: Power Bi use for the creating monthly, weekly and yearly sale reports. This report uses for compression between two months sale and yearly sales. After compression report business take future decision.
  • Quality control: In the automobile sector, quality control is crucial, and Power BI can assist businesses in tracking and analysing information on product flaws, warranty claims, and customer complaints. This can provide proactive steps to raise the calibre of the product by identifying patterns and problems.
  • Supply chain management: The automotive industry is a complex ecosystem, and managing the supply chain can be challenging. Power BI can provide real-time data on the production process, inventory levels, and supplier performance, helping organizations optimize their supply chain.
  • Cost management: With the use of Power BI, businesses may monitor and evaluate cost data pertaining to labour, raw materials, manufacturing costs, and overhead in order to find areas where they can cut expenses and boost profitability.

In the automotive industry faces a range of challenges, from managing large amounts of data to staying competitive in a global market. Power BI consulting services can help transform your automotive analysis by providing you with the tools and expertise you need to make data-driven decisions.

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